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Supatra's Lunch Specials

Dine-in or Takeout

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Lunch Specials valid Monday through Friday from 11-2 pm only!
Substitute Beef ($2.00) or Shrimp ($2.50) for items L 4 - L 9

L1 Supatra’s Egg Rolls (regular or vegetarian) 3.95
Two eggroll wrappers are stuffed with chicken, veggies, and spices, then deep-fried until golden brown and served with homemade sauce!

Wonton with Cream Cheese 4.75
Six cream cheese wontons are deep-fried and served with tamarind dipping sauce.

Rice Soup with Chicken cup 4.95
Thai comfort food in a cup! White rice is simmered in a vegetable broth featuring scallions, cilantro, onions, ginger, fried garlic and chicken white meat. GF

Green Curry (choice of chicken, pork or tofu) 8.50
Green Curry features mild, young green peppers along with Thai herbs simmered in coconut milk with sweet peas and seasonal vegetables. GF

Thai Stir-fry with Potato (choice of chicken, pork or tofu) 7.95
Delicious stir-fry made with potatoes, scallions, mushrooms, carrots and seasonal vegetables in a savory sauce. GF

Sweet and Sour Stir-fry (choice of chicken, pork or tofu) GF 7.95
Homemade sweet and sour sauce stir-fried with fresh tomatoes, onions, green peppers and pineapple.

Thai Fried Rice (choice of chicken, pork or tofu) 7.95
White rice is fried with beaten egg, fresh minced garlic, onion, soy sauce, tomato and spices. GF

Spicy Noodles (choice of chicken, pork or tofu) 7.95
Stir-fried rice noodles enhanced with onions, tomatoes, egg and Thai basil. Also known as Drunken Noodles! GF

L9 Crispy Rice Noodle Salad (choice of chicken, pork or tofu) 7.95 

Crispy rice noodles, lettuce, red onion, cilantro, tomato and cucumber with Thai dressing. GF

L10 Grilled Chicken Combo Meal 8.95
Grilled Chicken (Gai Yang Udon) is served over steamed white rice with Supatra’s dipping sauce and 3 Cream Cheese Wontons.

GF indicates food which may be made Gluten-free upon request. When ordering, please indicate

that you would like the kitchen to prepare your food to be Gluten-free.

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