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Chef Tommy Jsays "Thai cooking is fun for kids and tasty too! I've been cooking Thai since I was about seven years old!" and I think you should give it a Thai!

Recipes for kids!

Thai Pancakes (Kanom Kroke)

Fried Catfish

Udon Noodle Soup

Shaved Ice

Tom’s Cooking Tips:

1. Always have a parent supervise your cooking!
2. Wash your hands before you cook and each time you handle meat or poultry!
3. Never wear loose-fitting clothing!
4. Be careful with knives (see step 1)!
5. Use oven mitts and potholders!
6. Read instructions carefully!
7. Clean up your mess!
8. And most important......HAVE FUN!

Learn a little Thai!

aroy dee: delicious

hiew: hungry

imm: full

phet: spicy

waan: sweet

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